What Your Wedding Album Should Have

Your wedding is one of those events in your life that may only happen once. You would want to remember that day until you are old. The best way to do this is to capture the moments in photographs. While videography is becoming more common, nothing beats the power of still photographs. You can compile the best images into one album with the help of a professional photographer.
Putting together an album is not as simple as tossing and shuffling photographs. You have to look into some qualities so it will become the perfect remembrance.

Your photo album should be in line with the motif of your special day. Consistency is key when designing wedding paraphernalia. Just like you and your partner, everything should match so they will work well together. A well suited photo album is good on the eyes. It sets up the same atmosphere as your happiest day captured by your wedding photographer during the ceremony and reception. How you design your album reflects the emotions you felt during those moments.

Story Telling
When you are older and your grand kids ask you to tell them about your love story, the best way to narrate it is through pictures. The photos should tell a story instead of just presenting beautiful images. It may tell them how you first met until you reached the altar and had your first child. You can reminisce your most special day with your grand kids with all the memories still fresh through the photos. You can tell them about something funny that happened during the cutting of the cake. Make them laugh about how you and your spouse could not even dance well to the most romantic tune of the time.

The arrangement of photographs should be easy to follow. Not all photos may have the best quality when they were taken, but it is the story inside them that matters. You never know, the photographer may have snapped a trivial detail on a rather candid photo. Do not simply throw away some photos you think were half-blurred or out of focus. Put sections in the album and treat it like a book with progressing chapters. All these will be easy and possible by the help of your wedding photographer.

Say, 200 years down the line, people from the future found your album. While some pictures may no longer be clear, the album should be enough to summarise your love story. Use materials that are resistant to easy wear and tear. There are different methods on how you can preserve printed photos. Do your own research and place your photos carefully in an album that can let it age gracefully. Storage is also a factor so keep your album away from moisture or heat that can cause the photos to melt.
The photographer you hire may also create your album as part of their services. Make sure to add your input into it to give it a more personalised feel.